NEW VIDEO: Gypsies On Tour – E4 PKRA Egypt

Here is our fresh edit of PKRA Egypt, together with Annelous Lammerts and Malin Amle.

Gypsies On Tour – E4 PKRA Egypt from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.


New video episodes: Gypsies on Tour


Me and Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands, European Champion 2012) started with really cool video project, called Gypsies on Tour. We met in Brazil while training in winter, we shared the same dream, competing in PKRA World Tour. We didn’t really have enough sponsors back then to go for whole tour, but we decided not to give up our dream and do it together – that’s why we call ourselves Gypsies On Tour. I get lot of questions all the time what do I do, how and how do I travel. With this video project I will try to give you an answer. We will upload one episode per week, not only showing kiteboarding, but showing you the reality, how it really is.

Gypsies On Tour – E0 The Beginning from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.

I hope you like it!

Freestyle Clinic in Egypt

Hey everybody!

I have some great news: me and my good friend Annelous Lammerts (European Vice Champion 2013) are doing a freestyle camp in Egypt, Soma Bay. This time it’s not gonna be only for girls: It will be open for everybody, who want to learn some new moves.


Soma Bay has been always one of my favorite spots, that’s the reason why I went there many many times and I can’t wait to be back there.

If you wanna join me, look up for some more information:

Hope to see you there!!

PKRA Dakhla

I arrived to Dakhla 3 days before the comp, to try out the conditions. As it was my first time there, I was expecting a lot, lagoon, flat water, perfect 20 knots wind. In reality it was choppy, the wind was slightly gusty and STRONG.

10009290_677971752263605_1419682028_n We started with single elimination on Friday, after finishing the trials and wave comp. It gave me plenty of time to get used to the conditions. The wind got pretty strong and I was pretty happy to try out my brand new 6m2 North Vegas before the competition.

10151237_699266546783400_1442699807_n Single elimination started pretty good for me, I could land some nice tricks and advanced into the next round against Gisela Pulido. The conditions were really hard, I was powered on my 6m2.  Gisela was riding so good and went through the next round.

In doubles we had the same conditions, the wind was bit lighter in the morning, so I decided to take my 8m2, ending up being really powered in my heat. Still i got my tricks down and won this heat.

10003292_677971382263642_1698211005_n In next round I changed my kite to 6m2 and went against Annelous Lammerts (European Vice Champion 2013) and she is riding so good. We were training together in Brazil. I had pretty solid heat, but I butchecked my S1 so I lost in very close heat, just 0.18.

1972386_10201545186568367_1253049906_n I ended up on 7th place. Im pretty happy that I could land some good tricks in those hard conditions and super motivated to train for next stop to do better. I’m staying now one month in Tarifa training and I go straight to France from here for the next event.

I want to thank my sponsors who made it possible for me: Aloha Surf, KSA, Plaat Detail, North Kiteboarding, ION, Borealis Healthcare and LiP.

Thanks to all my friends cheering me up on live stream, It means a lot for me!

My special thanks goes to Tania, Max and Kriss, for the sickest flat where I stayed in Dakhla City – Wind Residence. Check out more:



My first PKRA – What happened in Panama!!?!

My year started off in Brazil, where I trained 2 months for upcoming season. When I got the news, that first stop of PKRA is in Panama, I was stoked to hear it – first of all, my good friend Triina from Estonia (who is one of my first kite friends) was spending her season teaching there and second of all I wanted to see Nitro City.

Just day before my flight to Panama, I took pretty hard crash in shallow water and I injured my finger. I thought it’s not gonna be bad and it will recover fast.

I came to Panama, spot called Punta Chame, 2 weeks before the competition to get used to the conditions. Unfortunately I could not really train with full power, cause my finger was still swollen and painful. I still wanted to compete, as it was not that bad.

There were these days, when Punta Chame bay was full of jellyfishes and as it turned out, Im super allergic against them. I got stung badly 2 days in the row and got really sick of it. Thats the reason, why I was wearing those flashy orange pants.

The riding conditions in Panama are choppy water and the wind is lighter in the morning, then stops at midday and picks up until sunset.

My trainings went pretty well before the competition and it was awesome to see so many good riders in the water. It’s really motivative.

The event started already on 19 February really early morning with men’s trials. The same day in the afternoon, we started with single elimination, where I was up against guess who? My friend Triina from Estonia. I decided to take my 10m2 for my heat, but as the wind increased, I ended up being pretty powered on my heat. I didnt manage to land many tricks and I took some crashes. Unfortunately this heat went for Triina, advancing over me with 0.5 points.

Next day we continued with doubles, where I was against polish rider Helena Brochocka. As I really wanted to climb up in doubles, I decided to start my heat with easier tricks and take a smaller kite. I asked Annelous to keep the 10m2 in the air, just in case. My heat started off pretty good, I landed sbend, 313, blind judge and I was going next for latemobe, but unfortunately I crashed my kite, which happened to be bit deflated, so I was not able to relaunch it. In that moment I paniced as I was trying to crawl out from competition zone to grab the other kite, coming out from bindings takes too much time. I was not really sure if I will get disqualified or not, so I didnt know if I should take the kite or not. I risked and I took the kite, but it was too late already, I didnt manage to land anything new anymore, so Helena won this heat.

I ended up on 9th place, which Im not very satisfied with. The life of the athlete can be tough sometimes, It’s always very hard to accept losing, but it’s part of the game. To be a good winner, you have to be good loser. It’s very important to learn out of it and analyze what can you do better.

It was my first PKRA and I learned a lot. I need to work on my heat plan, cause now I know the scoring system. The system is different from rest of the tours I entered before.

It was also very important to take part of the first stop, as from next stop you need to have PKRA ranking to enter the competition, so I was really happy to be there.

Im taking my flight to Madrid tomorrow and Im gonna train hard in Tarifa. The next event in Marocco starts in 3 weeks already. At the moment Im looking for some sponsors to make it there!

I want to thank my sponsors: Aloha Surf, KSA:), ION, North Kiteboarding, LiP, Borealis Healthcare and Kultuuri Ministeerium


Happy new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! I hope you will get everything you want!

2013 was an awesome year: I won KTA freestyle 2013, visited 23 countries, took around 30 flights, had 1 injury, competed first time in wakeboarding, saw the snow after 4 years skipping the winter.

I would like to thank everyone, who have supported me, first my sponsors Aloha Surf, North Kiteboarding, ION, KSA Silmakliinik and LiP, my dream team with Marek Laasik and Toomas Jürjo, my manager Katrin Jaaska, my personal trainer Marit Riis, thank you for your help. Thanks to my family and friends!!! And thanks to everybody else who have followedme around and cheering me up!

At the moment I’m training in Brazil and it’s amazing conditions here, I love it, perfect kick for 2014. Im planning to stay here until end of January and after that Im going to Panama to visit friend of me awesome kitechick from Estonia Triina Trei. The first stop of PKRA will be in Panama end of February!

2014 Im planning to make a step forward and compete in PKRA world tour. At the moment Im still looking for some sponsors to do that, so if you feel you want to help me to reach my dreams, contact me!