Back in Soma Bay again!

I been in Soma Bay more than one month already! First week I was out for kitesafari with, visiting awesome spots with offshore wind and flat water like Tawila and Qeisum island. Conditions were just amazing and I landed some new tricks.

Week after I was doing Girls Camp in Soma Bay. We were staying with the girls one week on the boat, it was great experience to coach them and see their progression, which was really good, since most of the days we just got super light wind.

Next weeks from the camp, we had so many windless days, what is quite strange for Soma Bay. We had some great wakeboard sessions though.

Now its windy again and my progression is quite fast, my new favorite move is S-bend pass!!! Im gonna stay few more weeks over here and then its time for a new destination!!!!

Pictures: Anny Barlow, Lina Gvazdauskaite and Marek Troszczynski, Thank you guys!!!


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