2nd in KTA Bintan Indonesia

This year I decided to kick off the competition season with following KTA tour. Last year I was really enjoying the stops for great people, good vibe and not to mention the parties. I came middle of January to Philippines, Boracay to train and work.

The first stop took place in Bintan island, Indonesia 20-24 February. We had such a cool girly trip to Singapore and from there with the ferry to Bintan.










Me, Dina, Kathrin, Rebecka, Ali and Paula on the way to Singapore

The spot there is pretty awesome, mostly light winds but super flat water in the lagoon.








We had 13 girls joining the freestyle.









My lovely dorm girls!

I got preseeded cause I won KTA Thailand 2012. 2nd day we got  20 knots wind, which is really rear for this place. We started with the singles, but since the wind was really side off shore and gusty inside, the competition box was moved out behind the reef to the deep and choppy water. In my first heat I was against Sukie Robertson representing the UK.


I did really well and moved on to next heat, where I met Ali Dudfield. Also this heat I was riding good landing some nice powered passes so I moved on straight to finals, against Victoria Soloveykina from Russia. Victoria unfortunatly crashed her kite with the first pass and was not able to relaunch it and lost around 5 min from her heat. I landed my tricks and won the singles.





Next day we moved on to the doubles with pretty much same conditions, 20 knots wind and competition box outside. Victoria is landing loads of passes, so my plan was to go with more power, choosing my 10m2 Vegas. My first heat against her, I went pretty high with the tricks, but buttchecked and crashed quite a bit. Victoria did well and she won the heat. My second heat against her I was trying to focus on landings and go with a bit less power. I did really good heat, the best I ever made in my life, landing Blind Judge, 313, Sbend pass, Kiteloop 3 and going for a Blind Judge 3, which I didn’t manage to land. KTA is running on same system as PKRA or KTA, for girls 5 tricks with 9 attempts, but no categories.

Victoria was having her best heat ever also landing Slim, Blind Judge, 313, switch Blind Judge and Back to Blind airpass. So the first place went to her and I got second. This was the highest level of girls heat in KTA history, so Im really really stoked to push the level and fully motivated for the next stop, which will take place in Thailand, Pranburi on 13-17 of March.










2nd Kristiin Oja 1st Victoria Soloveykina 3rd Ali Dudfield


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