1st in KTA Philippines

After competition I came back to Philippines, Boracay. The wind was really light and I could not really train, I was sinking on 14m2. For competition we had some light wind in the forecast, which is not really my favorite.









First days we just had wind in the morning, so we finished the single elimination on last day. I was pretty lucky in my heats, even though I couldn’t show my best, cause it’s difficult to do airpasses in light wind.72697_450071751734425_313925576_n







In finals we got some decent wind, I was really happy about it, powered on 8m2, whoop, whoop. I was again against Estefania Rosa as in Thailand, I managed to land some powered airpasses and won the heat. After the singles we moved on straight to doubles, where I was once again against Estefania. The wind started to drop, I was out on my 8m2, getting underpowered. I got some tricks done and had really dilemma, if I should change the kite or try to pull off something on my 8m2. On the last minute I decided to change, but it was not enough time to do any tricks. I didn’t do as good as I wanted to, so I was so stoked to hear that I won the heat.










KTA for me is the most fun tour, so I decided to go to China for a last stop. Im gonna go to Thailand, Pranburi to train and after with the KTA crew to China. Its gonna be BIG!



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