1st in Kite&Wake Festival

Lil bit old news, but I was invited to one of the biggest kite and wake event in Baltics on 15-16 – Kite and Wake Festival. I arrived 15 min before the kite competition. The place was amazing, flat water spot, pretty big complex and cable park just on the spot, how cool is that.

The kite competition went quite well for me, I managed to do some good tricks and I won.

Next day we started with the wake competition 15 pm. So nice, so you can relax and party. It was my first wake competition ever, so I was lil bit nervous. The judging system was quite hard, you had 2 rounds ( sys 2.0) and if you crash you are finished. From obstacles there were just 2 kickers, and the judging system 50% and 50%.  So I decided to do only airtricks as im better in it! I landed raley, sbend, raley2blind and sbend to blind in finals. I thought I did pretty nice run, but I misunderstood the judging system and had to do kicker as well. I got second place in wake and first in overall!






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